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Toris - exclusive and stylish bracelets handcrafted of genuine stingray leather.

Do you want to buy bracelets Toris? They are one of the most elegant and stylish bracelets for men in the collection of leather accessories stingray Jemanta. Two black strap neatly framed by a single metal plate, inlaid with large Swarovski crystals. The product has excellent form and chic appearance. This bracelet will be appreciated by fans of the original jewelry and stylish men's gifts.

Коллекция Toris

For the manufacture of premium bracelets we use natural leather slope for many reasons. This material is extremely durable, it has been repeatedly proven by our predecessors, because it is from the ramp create an ancient war shields, arm weapons and other attributes for protection. Later, people recognized in this material are not only his strength, but also the incredible beauty - exotic skin shimmered in the sun, like a jewel. Later, it was stingray skin, world leaders of style and fashion have been actively used to create accessories and clothes.


Jemanta -Golden and silver bracelets from high quality stingray leather. You will be able to choose a product to suit every taste in our online store bracelets. The collection Jemanta a wide selection of bracelets for him and for her: men's exotic leather bracelets and accessories with engraved nominal and stingray leather, created by your individual design. We will pick up an expensive gift for the most important occasions.


Buy a bracelet Jemanta and select leather jewelry for men can be on our website or on the official pages and Instagram.