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Arora collection is an eternal classic that is suitable for any occasion. Stylish bracelets for men and women from this collection can be combined with different types of clothing. It perfectly matches classic men's suit for him and a cocktail dress for her, as well as the everyday style with sneakers and loafers.

Models from this collection are appreciated for their high quality and universality.

Коллекция Arora

Arora is an accessory made of stingray leather with original inserts of steel jewelry and gold. With your name engraved on it, you get a truly original gift for stylish men. You can combine with watches or wear separately from them.


Gold and silver men's bracelet stingray leather. If you are looking for premium bracelets or bracelets male exotic as an expensive gift for a man, the bracelets Jemanta - it is what you need real. Products and stingray leather accessories are distinguished by their splendid view, but it is not all of their benefits. The intricate texture of the skin makes it highly resistant and resistant to external factors, besides a long time it remains unchanged and does not require special care. Thanks to the incredible brilliance of this material is combined with precious metals and stones. That is why Swarovski for men and women look best on bracelets ramp. Jewellery for men from the skin since ancient times were very much appreciated: a natural material had a beautiful view, and most importantly - a long time served as his master, and kept his energy. Speaking of men's bracelets in leather, it should be noted that they are already many centuries remained the favorite decoration of the stronger sex.


In the online store Jemanta bracelets you can buy accessories for every taste and for every occasion. Our range includes both premium bracelets and models that are perfectly suited to the everyday images. The collection contains gold and silver men's bracelet stingray leather, as well as bracelets, inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

Brand Jemanta also creates female bracelet stingray leather and unique products to order. With us you can always choose a custom design, pick up the color ramp, metal and stone. We are always happy to offer a large selection of stylish women's and men's gifts. Our managers will help you with the choice of model, size, and tell you how to make a gift memorable and unusual. For our clients we always offer convenient options for making a purchase: you can buy a bracelet in a few clicks on our official website, come to our showroom or make an order on the social networks.