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Bracelets Jeos collection - the perfect accessory stingray leather for those who like to complement the image of bright and unusual items. Models from this collection perfect for modern people who keep up with the times and like experiments. This bracelet is perfect for a bold and smart casual to elegant evening images. If you follow the novelties from Swarovski for men and women, then you'll love exactly how the famous crystal bracelets Jeos shine in the collection. Mens leather bracelets Australian stingray luxurious black color in combination with the diamond-shaped inlays of precious metals inlaid stones, attach a special attraction decoration and refined style. Models with black skin is often chosen as an expensive gift for a man, and with the skin delicate and bright colors - as a gift for women. 


Jemanta - gold and silver men's bracelet stingray leather. You can buy a really stylish men's gift, as well as female bracelet stingray leather in different colors. The highlight of our products - a leather Australian stingray, a material that has long been famous for its incredible strength and beauty. Treating the skin have learned only in the 18th century, but since the material has won high popularity among the creators and connoisseurs of the fashion world.

Коллекция Jeos

Jewellery  for men in leather have always been a priority, because such accessories attached image male chivalry and made it interesting, while harmoniously looked at different types of costume. Among these ornaments greatest interest to this day give men's bracelet is made of leather, because they are universal, in addition they are very comfortable to wear and easy to remove if necessary.


In the online shop bracelets presented Jemanta premium bracelets, men's bracelets exotic, products and accessories of stingray leather, made by individual design, as well as bracelets for women and pairs registered bracelets. The store Jemanta you can not only buy silver men's bracelet stingray leather, but also receive advice and recommendations on the selection of the right accessories from our consultants. The advantage of our shop - a high level of service that is provided to the customer both during and after the purchase of the bracelet. Our clients - it is primarily our friends for whom we strive to create only the best jewelry.


 Buy Jemanta bracelets can be on our official website, as well as our managers in social networks. See and try on all models, you can always visit our show room.