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About stingray skin

Not for nothing in ancient times, Japanese samurai chose stingray skin for the manufacture of shields and armor. She was able to withstand the most aggressive attacks from the enemy and the best way to protect the war. The stingray leather armor was barely able to pierce or damage, they also perfectly protected from fire.

Over time, people realized that stingray skin is good not only for making tools, but also for creating various accessories. The scales with which this skin is coated create a special protective chitinous layer.

Today, stingray leather is highly regarded not only by manufacturers of accessories and owners of leather goods, but also by the most popular fashion houses. This skin is durable, easy to dye in different colors and is suitable for individual processing.

To date, stingray leather is one of the most durable and wear-resistant, which is why products from it are so appreciated. But the biggest highlight lies in the exclusive appearance of such products, which speak of the unsurpassed style and taste of their owner. Bags, wallets and, especially, stingray leather bracelets are one of the most desired gifts for a true connoisseur of original products.