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About python skin

The skin of exotic animals and reptiles is a prestigious and elite material. He does not lose his popularity even after many years. Products made of such leather have a pronounced individuality and special beauty that cannot be recreated using other materials. Among all the variety, however, python leather products stand apart.

Many consider snakes, including pythons, to be rather unpleasant animals, but this dislike does not extend to python skin products. They not only possess expressive, spectacular beauty, but are also very pleasant to the touch, so you don’t want to let them out of your hands! Accessories made from python skin look really expensive. The scales flexibly lie in the shape of the product, giving it a unique texture, and modern technologies allow you to color the python skin in any color - from natural and universal to bright and catchy - without depriving the product of a unique pattern that nature itself adorned with snake skin. Thus, you can add a unique twist to your image - after all, all python leather products are unique! - which, however, will be ideally combined with the color scheme of your image.

Genuine python skin will always be very soft and tender to the touch. However, by touching, you can easily feel each flake under your fingers. At the same time, there is no reason to worry about the safety of the product: despite the apparent fragility of the skin structure associated with lifting scales, python skin is famous for its durability, strength and elasticity. You will be surprised, but python leather products do not lose these properties at all over time! The python skin not only does not lose its former brightness and freshness, but, on the contrary, it becomes more pronounced in texture, and the product itself is made even softer to the touch due to the fact that all skin flakes gradually open and repeat the shape of the product much more accurately. In a word, over time, any product made of python skin becomes only more perfect!

Buying python leather products today is quite simple - this is a very popular product, and the range is wide. But you should also remember that along with such products on the market is full of fakes. They are made from calf, camel, pigskin, and also from synthetic materials, and to distinguish such fakes is not so simple. Therefore, the first rule that must be observed when choosing a product is to contact only stores with a good reputation that can guarantee high quality products.

Below are a few tips to help distinguish python skin from any kind of fakes.

Python skin is always rough to the touch. Slide your hand over the surface of the material - and you can easily feel the individual flakes. Fakes, even very high-quality ones, are deprived of this property.
Another characteristic property that distinguishes python skin is its high thermal conductivity. With a hand on your skin, you will feel that it instantly heats up. Any imitations perceive heat more slowly, which gives them out.
 The uniqueness of the python skin pattern also signals naturalness. No technology will allow you to create two completely identical python skin products. In addition, the natural pattern of python skin will always be distinguished by slight asymmetry.