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Fashion accessories for the fall-winter 2017-2018 season

Even in winter, fashionistas tend to stay in trend, despite all the difficulties and inconveniences caused by cold weather. The fall-winter 2017-2018 fashion season offers a whole cavalcade of extraordinary, striking solutions that will help not only create your own unique image, but also bring catchy accents to the most ordinary looks characteristic of the cold season. Among them are fashion accessories, among which a special role is assigned to bracelets.

It's no secret that in the cold season, many neglect fashion trends to please the vagaries of nature: autumn dankness and winter frosts force ladies to wrap themselves in warm coats and fur coats, under which you will not see either a fashionable dress or stylish jewelry. But not this season!

For those who cannot withstand the colds effortlessly, but are also not ready to refuse to create a unique winter look, accessories that will be fashionable in the upcoming season will be the solution. Hide miniature jewelry in caskets: today, trendy are large, catchy accessories, from bracelets and brooches to rings and earrings. Such details not only emphasize the independence and strength of a modern woman, but also look great even among the many layers of warm winter clothes. Large jewelry attracts the views of others, become the highlight of any image. In addition, leading stylists advise not to be afraid to wear jewelry over clothing: for example, a bracelet worn over the sleeves of a warm winter sweater will not only decorate the female wrist, but also emphasize the line of the sleeve, and a bracelet worn over the glove that fits the arm will emphasize the delicate fragility of the wrist .

A variety of collections of bracelets presented this season will allow any fashionista to choose an accessory that will be the perfect complement to her image. Women's bracelet is always the dominant decoration in the outfit, which will certainly attract attention. Its invisibility is nothing more than an illusion: the first elegant gesture will allow the decoration to be in sight. Please note that today's fashion trends do not at all preclude the possibility of wearing thin and elegant bracelets: they, of course, noticeably lose their position compared to large bracelets, but if you select the jewelry in such a way that it does not get lost on the background of the fabric of your clothes, the effect will be no less vivid and memorable. Do not forget that the bracelet, like any other element of a fashionable image, should be combined not only with clothes, but also with other accessories.

An excellent solution this season will be unusual, extraordinary bracelets made of genuine leather, presented in our collections. Large and bright inserts made of precious metals in combination with the grace of genuine python or stingray leather add up to unique products that will become a bright accent of any modern, stylish look!