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How to combine a wristwatch and a bracelet

Earlier, we already touched on the issue of wearing the bracelet correctly. Such a bright and important accessory that invariably attracts attention, it is important to harmoniously combine with other elements and details that make up your image, and among them, not the last role is assigned to a wristwatch.

For a long time, it was believed that bracelets and watches should be worn separately. At the same time, the bracelet, as a rule, is on the “leading” hand: on the right in the right-handed people and on the left in the left-handed people. The reason is simple: the "leading" hand is much more often in sight, and with it the bracelet. The watch, respectively, is worn on the second hand.

However, modern fashion trends do not at all preclude the possibility of wearing a bracelet and watch on one hand. In the recent past, such a combination might seem vulgar and tasteless, but today the situation has changed dramatically. The whole secret is only to choose organically and beautifully combined with each other watches and bracelets. The possibilities for this are more than enough: design solutions for both bracelets and watches are numerous and varied, so that the selection of matching accessories becomes quite real.

Unambiguous rules and ready-made solutions do not exist here. Some prefer to choose an identical bracelet and watch - two accessories seem to merge into one, perfectly complementing each other. Others are limited by the similarity of accessories in one way or another: the same material, the same color, etc., which sets the commonality of style. Still others prefer to play in contrast, choosing for this, for example, a bright watch and a laconic bracelet, or vice versa. You should not be afraid of experimenting with images, trying different combinations within different styles, because the possibilities for this today are truly endless!
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